[LANEIGE] Water Bank Eye Gel

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Water Bank Eye Gel


24-hour moisturizing eye gel for stressed skin around the eyes

• Contains bilberry that not only nourishes but also protects tired skin around the eyes
due to exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

• Active agents extracted from palm create a moisturizing layer over skin, preventing
it from going dry.

How to Use

Step 1

① Gently apply on the eye lids, starting from the inner area and working toward the eyelids.

(Repeat 3 times)

※ Effect: Gently apply around the eyes to fill tired skin with moisture and vitality.


Step 2

① Sweep the eyes in the direction of the arrow using the middle finger.

② Gently press on the front areas of eyes indicated with dots while sweeping the eyes.

(Repeat 5 times)

※ Effect: While applying around the eyes, steadily press the Jeongmyeong point

to relieve fatigue from the eyes.



Step 3

① Steadily press the front and tail areas of the eyebrow repeatedly. (Repeat 5 times)

※ Effect: Reduce dark circles and promote blood circulation by steadily pressing the front

and tail areas of the eyebrows.

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