[DEWY CELL] Private Care Mask (5PCS)

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Private Care Mask



What it contains

Ampoule sheets 5pcs 

- Upper mask 5pcs

- Bottom mask 5pcs

What it is
- Private Care Mask to care Moisturizing / Nutrition / Pore / Skin tone / elasticity at once
Skin Brightening and Anti-Wrinkle effects

Once a week, charge the skin with energy through the premium Dew Cell VIP mask sheet including plant stem cells
- High-performance mask pack with peeling and remove dead skin cell

- Strong vitality of bamboo stem cell ingredient gives private skin care for one minute

- High enriched ample sheet that completes sparkling skin only with light rolling massage

- Korean duty-free best selling item

Main Ingredients

Bambusa Vulgaris Callus Culture Extract

How to Use

Massage the entire face with the dots on the ampoule sheet and wipe it with the opposite side

- Apply the top and bottom of the mask to the skin and remove it after 15 ~ 20 minutes

- Tap your face with finger for absorption

      Product Info.

- Product name: Private Care Mask

- Brand: DEWYCEL

- Type: Face Mask Sheets

- Quantity: 1Box(5set)

- Country/Region of Manufacture: Korea, Republic of