[Dr.Jart+] Dermask Rubber Mask Bright Lover



Dermask Rubber Mask Bright Lover




Dr.Jart+ Rubber masks are a little different

  → You can get a similar spa rubber mask experience at home without the mess and the high price tag of going to a beauty salon.

Bright Lover : The rubber mask makes the skin illuminated by Bright wrapping system


How to Use


-Step.01 Ampoule Pack

- Step.02 Rubber Mask

1. Apply the intensive ampoule pack(step.01) onto the clean and dry face

2. Strip the film liner away and apply rubber mask(step.02) adjusting around the eyes and mouth. Do not overlap the upper and lower sheet.

3. Leave on for 30~40 minutes. Remove mask and gently pat remaining ampoule until fully absorbed.