[ETUDE HOUSE] Play 101 Blending Pencil

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[ETUDE HOUSE] Play 101 Blending Pencil






The multi-blending pencil expresses various makeup looks through the mix
and match of different colors.

4 kinds of textures for smooth tinting.

The soft melting texture enables application on eyes, lips, and face.

All types of makeup available with various textures:creamy,jewel,velvet,

and jelly.

Clear drawing + natural blending.

With a single touch, get vivid color that blends naturally on your face

for a clear makeup look.

Long-lasting anti-smudge adhesion.

The primer ingredient helps adhere color powerfully to deliver

long-lasting makeup.

How to Use

Twist to dispense certain amount and use on desired area. Close cap after use.
When using sharpener, insert lead and sharpen while turning slowly

Cheek Makeup

1. Draw x's or circles on your cheeks with your preferred color(s).

2. Immediately blend the lines naturally with your finger or a finger brush.


Highlighter Makeup


1. Apply the shimmer-pearly texture #1 on nose.

2. Immediately blend the lines naturally by using your finger or a finger brush.



Dark Circle Cover Up Makeup

1. Apply a thin layer of #22 on lower lashline.

2. Add 3 dots with concealer.

3. Blend the 2 colors naturally to cover the dark circle.



Eyebrow Makeup

1. Draw lines along the curve of your eyebrow with #9 for a natural brown color.

2. Layer on the tail of eyebrow with a cotton swab or eyebrow brush.



Eye Shadow Makeup

Use various pencils to mix & match and get your ideal makeup look. Good

for on-the-go makeup routines!



Lip Concealer

1. Apply on either outer or inner part of lips.

2. Layer your lip makeup on top for clearer, enhanced color.



Lip Makeup

1. Apply any color you want on lips.

2. Create various effects such as gradient, glossy, or matte lip depending on your taste

and choice of play 101 textures.




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