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[Holika Holika] Gudetama ver2 Ceramide Capsule Cream

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[Holika Holika]

Gudetama ver2

Ceramide Capsule Cream



1. Moisturizing Cream with Concentrated Cream Containing Ceramide Capsules.
2. Dullness of the inside and outside of the skin is replenished with double, moisturizing from
the dryness which causes the sensitivity.
3. Power Ceramide, effective for strengthening skin barrier, and yolk extract of yolk contained fills
in between moisture and gives more elastic skin.
4. A mild formula with a soft and refreshing feeling, moisturizing cream can be used for all ages,
including sensitive and mild skin.


How To Use

1. In the morning and evening at skin care stages, apply an appropriate amount to the entire face.
2. Apply gently to spread the capsule in cream for it to melt easily.