[Holika Holika] LAZY&EASY All Kill Sheet (3PCS)

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[Holika Holika]

LAZY&EASY All Kill Sheet





1. Cleansing Tissue

The highly moisturizing deep cleansing tissue gently removes heavy makeup and impurities from skin with its ingredient of egg extract.


Gently wipe away makeup or impurities by rubbing skin in the direction of skin texture. 

When wiping skin around the eyes, close your eyes to prevent the content from getting into the eyes.

2. All-in-one Mask Sheet

The all-in-one essence mask sheet makes skin smooth, moisturized, and free of dead skin cells with its ingredient of protein-rich egg extract.


How to Use


1. After using the cleansing tissue, take out the mask sheet and unfold. 

2. Closely attach on the face while aligning it with the eye and nose areas. 

3. Apply the remaining content in the pouch on the sheet or on the neck or body. 

4. After 10-20 minutes, remove the sheet and gently pat skin to promote absorption of the remaining essence.