[innisfree] Olive Hydro Gel Mask (2PCS)

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Olive Hydro Gel Mask




Olive oil component is to create a natural protective Shimemaku, moisturizing hydrogel mask to moist last longer sensitive.

Moist gel type of hydrogel was kept moisture is in close contact with the perfect skin.

Sticky feeling rather, it has a moist feeling smooth until the next morning and crowded familiar quickly to skin.

Give the skin a carefully moisturizing ingredients in water-soluble hydrogel type that blend to the temperature of the skin.

Moisture Hydro Gel Mask that olive oil creates natural moisture veil to remain hydration of skin for hours.

Jelly type of hydro gel that contains hydration adheres to skin tightly.

Permeates into skin without stickiness to remain smooth and moisturized skin until the next morning.

Water soluble hydro gel that melts by skin temperature melts slowly and delivers effective ingredients to skin.


How to Use


1. After cleansing,adjust skin texture with toner and pull out one mask. Remove the transparent film of one side.

2. Fit the mask to the face tightly and remove the other transparent film.

3. Remove the sheet after 20 minutes and pat lightly for absorption.