[It's Skin] Power 10 Formula Mask Sheet (10 PCS)

by MASK38

[It's Skin]

Power 10 Formula Mask Sheet

(Each Kind /10 PCS)


Skin safety test completed

Highly concentrated power 10 effect + synergy of microfiber sheet


Yeast Extract Energizes Your Tired Skin With Energy


Nourishes dry skin and treats it with shiny skin.


Helps to improve wrinkles and gives skin elasticity.


The skin care with nutritious and full of elasticity.


Care for oil and moisture balance and care for fresh skin.


It brings a refreshing vitality to the skin moisturizer.


It is effective for pore care and soothing skin.


Moisturizes and soothes dry skin.


Moisturizes sensitive skin and soothes with clear skin.


Care with a clear, bright skin.



How to Use


1. Arrange ment of your skin by beauty wash after cleansing.

2. Gently place it to your face

3. Release for 15~20 minutes as it is

4. Take out sheet mask and helps to absorb the to the skin.