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PRESTIGE Masque Ginseng D'escargot featured by including snail secretion filtrate as the main ingredient,
MUCIN extract from snails feeding on Ginseng shows good effects on caring process of skin rapidly and relieves skin stress.
Masque ginseng d'escargot is the one of the PRESTIGE line that helps your skin brightly and softly.
- The core component of the effectiveness of red ginseng saponins can help protect skin elasticity and skin care, make your skin firm and elastic.
- Contains snail mucin bone mucilage gum can relieve skin texture, skin vibrant.
- Give the skin to provide rich moisture and nutrients, making skin smooth and healthy.
- Cream type of moisture hydro gel mask. 


How to Use


1. After cleansing the skin with a soothing lotion
2. Open the package, remove the foil is divided into upper and lower pieces of the mask on the
3. Upper eye mask alignment looks like it fit the bottom half to make it look like a mouth mask alignment fit
4. 20 to 40 minutes after removing the mask pat residue promote absorption.