[LANEIGE] Water Sleeping Mask

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Water Sleeping Mask





The Laneige Water Sleeping Mask is designed for solving skin problems due to lack of sleep. Detox, relax and moisturize skin at night, make you wake up with a bouncing hydrated skin. With the sleeping mask, skin is pure, moist and glossy when you wake up every morning.

The mask patented a special detox technology SleeptoxTM , coordinated with Moisture WrapTM and also a aromatherapy formula SleepscentTM to achieve three main functions:

1. Detoxifying & Purifying: The SleeptoxTM purifying and normalizing skin fatigued caused by daytime stress, and also helps the skin to restore at its optimal condition overnight. After using the sleeping mask, the skin becomes cleaner and brighter in the morning. The nighttime detox functions help seizing the golden repair period, drain away toxins accumulated during the day and relieving pressure for skin.

2. Moisture Your Skin: With the Moisture WrapTM formula, it wraps a breathable moisture layer around the skin to deliver moisture deep into skin during nighttime, make you skin hydrated.

3. Promote Deep Sleep: It contained a natural scent combined from sandalwood oil, orange flower and ylang ylang etc. The patented aroma of the sleeping mask helps relaxing your mind and body to achieve a deep sleep.


How To Use

1. Before sleep, apply an appropriate amount on nose tip, cheek, forehead and chin area, and enjoy the scent for about 3 seconds.

2. Gently spread over the face from inner to outer part along the skin.

3. Go to sleep after the product is absorbed without rinsing off.

4. Wash face in the next morning.