[LANEIGE] Satin Finish Loose Powder EX (02 Soft Radiance)

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Satin Finish Loose Powder EX

(02 Soft Radiance)




Laneige Satin Finish Loose Powder_EX for smooth, vibrant skin that lasts all day



1. Corn starch mattifying powder is suitable for sensitive skin; it absorbs excess sebum,

leaving skin soft to the touch.


※ What is corn starch mattifying powder?

Contains corn extract that’s gentle on skin.

The wide surface area effectively absorbs excess sebum, keeping the surface of skin soft

to the touch for long periods.

The easy-to-spread formula forms an ultra-light layer on skin, giving the surface

a silky texture.



2. Pure White Powder gives dull skin a radiant, clean appearance.




3. Blur Effect Powder reflects light in multiple directions, blurring the appearance of fine lines

and giving skin a subtle, smooth glow.



How to Use


1. Use after cushion or foundation.


2. Take a small amount with the puff and start applying from large surfaces;

use the residue on the puff to coat carefully the sensitive areas around the eyes

and ridge of the nose.

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