[LANEIGE] Two Tone Lip Bar

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Two Tone Lip Bar


Make the look your own with artistic color combos and easy application!


1. The angled tip and soft texture make ombre lips easy to do

The angled tip blends the edges of the two colors together, with the smooth texture

allowing easy application.



2. Improved color payoff

The color pigments are milled to reduce size and increase color payoff; the brighter and

more vivid particles sit evenly on the lips without clumping.



3. Optimum color combos

(A) Easily wear a color that's difficult to use alone: Red (N02) / Nude (N07) / Burgundy (N10)

(B) Create an ombre look that starts at the center of your lips.

(C) Unique and charming color combos



How to Use


1. Push the button down to lift the lipstick.
2. Apply on lips and close your mouth for few seconds.




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