[LANEIGE] Water Bank Double Gel Soothing Mask (5PCS)

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Water Bank Double Gel Soothing Mask




Contains mineral water that regenerates the skin and Water Pump System that helps moisture circulation to  retain moisture to transform rough and dry skin into supply skin. 

Opuntia fruit extracts protect the skin from external aggresions and restores the skin barrier to improve  the skin™s moisture retaining capacities and fill the skin with plumpness. The natural cotton sheet mask has double layers on the chin and cheeks that are prone to roughness and dryness.  

The mask smoothly attaches to the face for intensive moisturization.


How To Use

1. Use after refiner (1~2 times a week). 

2. Take folded sheet mask out of package and unfold. 

3. Remove film from the sheet mask. 

4. Place mask over face with moisture-blind-spot part facing the face and align openings with eyes, nose, and lips. 

5. Remove mask after 30 minutes and gently spread excess essence.