[Mediheal] A.R.P Smoothing Neck Patch (1Box-4PCS)



A.R.P Smoothing Neck Patch




'Lys'lastine V', bFGF, IGF-1 and TGF (SH-polypeptide-1,SH-oligopeptide-2, RH-polypeptide - 19) effectively supplies their nutrition and moisture as well as carefully manage your neck line. The patented patch keeps a smooth neck line by supplying intensive moisture and nutrition.


How to use


1. Open the product and remove the film from the patch.

2. Put the patch on the neck so that it shouldn't be come off.

3. Take a rest for more than 1 hour and remove if from your skin.

   * It can be used as a sleep pack, as the active ingredients slowly penetrate though the skin.

   * Use it for 1 hour, 1~2 times per week, which keeps your forehead smooth.

   * As insoluble hydro gel contains its active ingredients