[Mediheal] M.T.S Pore Tightening Cheek Patch (1Box-4PCS)



M.T.S Pore Tightening Cheek Patch




This patch made of fermented plant fibers. This is a pore-lighting care patch that helps tighten and lift up your pores. your skin with moisture and elasticity and strengthen pore barrier. 


How to use


1. After washing your face and toning it up, open the product and remove the non-woven felt from both surfaces. Let A part go upward and adhere it to the ridge of the nose first and then spread to both cheeks. Finally remove the white film.

2. Be sure to adhere it closely to the skin again, using your hands, Remove the patch after 10-20 minutes.

3. Let the remaining essence penetrate through the skin by gently dabbing it. Then apply a lotion or cream.