[Mediheal] Soothing Bubble Tox Serum Mask (5 PCS)

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Soothing Bubble Tox

Serum Mask (5 PCS)

Product Description

  • A new concept soothing bubble mask that contains soothing toning complexes (Bulgaris mugwort extract, Madecassoside, centella asiatica extract, hairy wheat extract) and green real Cream bubble serum that contains 5 kinds of hyaluronic acid to soothe and smooth skin with external stimulation.
  • Bubble ingredient formed on the sheet is Soothing Care - Self massage care as the bubble bursts After peeling off the sheet, it absorbs air bubbles into the skin, soothing. - Finished with smooth, radiant skin (serum bubble mask function)
  • Bubble serum that doesn't need to be washed cleans the skin and gives natural vitality and radiance
  • Hypoallergenic serum bubble mask that can be used on sensitive skin


How To Use

1. After washing the face, clean the skin with makeup water, remove the sheet and stick evenly around the eyes.

2. Attach the first bubble to the seat for approximately 10 to 20 minutes.

3. After removing the sheet, beat the secondary bubble over the skin to absorb it.

After applying a sheet, lightly rub the entire face to help the bubble form evenly.