[Mediheal] V.T.R Stretching Patch (1Box-4PCS)



V.T.R Stretching Patch





All patches use PVP Hydro Gel. If use it for a long time, can have greater effect!
Enables to re-use it with non-sticky adhesive power, when re-using it, attach on the film and seal it to keep it a refrigerator depending on preference.


How to Use

1. After washing face use toner.
2. Open mask on lips and stretching gently and hang onto ears.
3. Lower mask stretch gently and hang on ears.
4. Rest 25-30 minutes, take off the mask and tap gently for excess essence to absorb.


When in use, start from middle part to stretch gently and hang on ears. (Both sided tension sheet stretch enough to hang on ears.)

For satisfaction of effect differs individually.

* Recommend 2-3 times, 4 hours continuously for ideal effect, 1 hour once a day for intensive care for lifted V line face.