[MISSHA] Multi Color Corrector

by MASK38


Multi Color Corrector


Dark Circles, flush, pores Please custom cover according to skin imperfections.

Contains moisturizing ingredients. Moisturizes skin flaws.

Four correctors and pores balm entered into one palette.

Pores balm - pores, uneven ridge line cover

Peach - Dark Circle, Eye Correction

Mint-flushing, Trouble Red Correction

Violet - Corrects dark and yellow skin tone

How to Use

Base Makeup Soften according to skin defects in the first step Please apply.

Pores balm - Apply thoroughly to pores and fine lines

Peach - Lightly spread on dark circles and eyes.

Mint - Apply to red areas with flushing or trouble.

Violet - Apply gently to dark, yellow areas of forehead, nose and jaw skin.

Clean the Foam thoroughly with lukewarm water.