[MISSHA] Premium Pink Aloe Soothing Jelly Mask (5PCS)

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Premium Pink Aloe

Soothing Jelly Mask (5 PCS)




  1. Seat mask for skin sensitive to external irritation 
Pink aloe ingredient is soft base which adjusts the pH balance of the collapsed skin after washing it.
  1. Aloe-salt essence for moist skin

Jelly essence, containing hyaluronic acid & ceramide &hydrolized collagen, is absorbed without any stickyness, giving you a full moisturized skin.

  1. OEKO-TEX 1st grade natural-flow sheet, so even the fabric is mild. 

Riosel+Eucalyptus blending material makes it soft and thin on the skin to quickly transfer the effective ingredient to the skin



How to use

Step 1. After washing your face, use the make-up water to tidy your skin.
Step 2. Remove the mask, remove the support, and keep it in place throughout the face.

Step 3. After taking a rest for 10 ~20 minutes, remove the mask and gently tap the remaining contents of the skin to absorb it.