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[SKINFOOD] Aqua Grape Bounce Mask (2 PCS)

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Aqua Grape Bounce Mask (2 PCS)




Hydrogel Mask Made with Sea Grape and Deep Sea Water !

A new concept of 12g hydrogel mask for fully and deeply moisturizing your skin

with a combination of moisturizing energy from the sea

and lightweight cupra hydrogel


Rich moisturizing, vitalizing and soothing effects delivered by special energy

from the sea A hydrogel mask that provides instant cooling

and rich moisturizing effects to soothe fatigued skin

,while undaria pinnatifida extract contained

in DEEP SEA LIFTING 2X TM soothes rough skin.


The powerful moisturizing bounce of sea grape and deep sea water!

It thoroughly moisturizes to create firmer

and younger skin with special moisture

and energy from the sea.


How to Use


After the face wash, trim the skin then put mask on the face evenly.


About 20~30min later, put mask off from the face and tapping gently remains

contents and absorbing it.


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