[SNP] Ice Bear Hyaluronic Mask (10 PCS)

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Ice Bear Hyaluronic Mask (10 PCS)


Intensive Moisturizing Mask

The Ice Bear mask uses a sheet material that is lint-free for a soft touch and perfect fit for anyone. The invigorating formula doesn't leave a sticky feeling and stores moisture to replenish skin that feels tight and dry while simultaneously smoothing skin with its cooling effect. Plus, the refreshing ice jelly essence supplies abundant nutrients to tires skin for improved resilience.


  • Intensive Moisture: Uses hyaluronic acid to supply moisture to the skin and helps with moisture-oil balance.
  • Cooling: Ice Bear masks provide an immediate cooling effect that lasts for about 15 minutes
  • Calming: Skin is quickly calmed and soothed after minutes of use.
  • Perfect Fit: Mask firmly attaches to the skin with a lint-free fabric