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Nutrient-rich. This hydrating mask provides essential vitamins and nutrients needed to maintain a healthy complexion. It revitalizes skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines. This mask provides a steady supply of nutrients for a youthful and healthy skin tone. Pantheon contains pro-vitamin B-5 to supply nutrition and calm troubled skin, while efficiently protecting skin barrier.

The syringe ampoule mask pack is new technology developed by OoZoo. The ampoule at the top of the syringe is made of panthenol, which is activated with the serum in the lower syringe chamber. Keeping the two ampoules separate until moments before use, ensures that the active ingredients are fresh. 

The sheet is made of micro-fiber for an incredibly soft touch and conforms to the face better than traditional sheet masks. This design helps the mask supply moisture consistently and evenly.


How to Use


1. Push the button at the top of the syringe to combine the ampoule and serum.

2. Take cap off of the bottom of the syringe, and take cap off of the mask pouch.

3. Insert syringe into the mask pouch and push plunger all the way down.

4. Gently rub the mask from top to bottom, then bottom to top to soak the sheet mask in ampoule and serum mixture.

5. Open the mask and apply to face.

6. Leave on for 15-20 minutes, then remove and gently tap in remaining essence

*For all skin types, especially dull skin