[TONYMOLY] Dr. Logy Mask Sheet (5PCS)

by MASK38
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Dr. Logy Mask Sheet (5 PCS)



100% natural cellulosic nude cell sheet

Customized prescription for skin troubles


[Moisture Mask Sheet]

Contains hyaluronic acid and ceramide ingredients to enhance the moisture of the skin.

Contains a rich minerals 'deep sea water' and 'sea salt' ingredients to hydrate the skin.


[Whitening Mask Sheet]

Contains Vitamin B3 and Vitamin Nut fruit extract to help with whitening.

Lemon, orange, kiwi and grapefruit extract add vitality to your skin.


[Blemish Mask Sheet]

It contains 'Betaine Salicylate' and 'AHA (Glycolic Acid)'

to smooth out rough skin.


[Vita Lifting Mask Sheet]

Contains 'Collagen' and '4 kinds Vitamins' to control elasticity of wrinkle skin

and it adds elasticity and vitality.


[Sensitive Mask Sheet]

Includes 'Chamomile Flower, Lavender Flower Extract'

and '8 Botanical Herb Complex' to calm delicate skin.

How to Use


After cleansing, remove the moisture from the face

and apply a mask


After about 10 to 20 minutes, remove the mask

and gently tap to absorb.