[TONYMOLY] Intense Care Syn-Ake Hydro Gel Mask (1EA)

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Intense Care Syn-Ake Hydro Gel Mask



This hydro-gel mask containing a syn-ake complex restores elasticity and nourishment
to your skin Enriched nutrients and condensed nutrition in the gel penetrates into
your skin and helps your skin look glowing

* Excellent wearing comfort to fit curves and corners of face
* Recovers and refreshes skin with signs of fatigue with Centella Aslatica
extract and silk extract
* Supplies enriched nutrients and restores elasticity & radiance with Syn-ake complex
* Nourishes and highly moisturizes with imperate Cylindrica Root extract and extension

How to Use

1. Damp a cotton pad with toner and wipe cleansed face to prepare for wearing
2. Tear off the package and remove the film. Place the mask on face
3. Relax for 20~30 minutes with mask in place and discard
4. Gently pat the face until remaining essence is fully absorbed
5. Use it 2-3 times weekly to improve skin elasticity

- Condition : New

- Contents : 25g