[TONYMOLY] Runaway Strawberry Seeds (5PCS)

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Runaway Strawberry Seeds



STEP & Description


STEP 1 - Widely open the pore of strawberry nose. Blackhead-focused mask to melt the sebum and blackhead from the pore softly
STEP 2 - Extract the blackhead from the strawberry nose. Strong sticker type of nose pack to help remove blackhead and dead skin cells.
STEP 3 - Clean strawberry nose smoothly close it. Sooth the clean pore. Pore tightening mask with fresh finish.


    TONYMOLY Runaway Strawberry Seeds 3 Step Nose Pack (6g) (1/3/5 pcs)
    Removes dirt of pores and blackheads around nose area and the result is visible and instant!


    This product contains 3 parts of Nose Pack:
    1) First Sheet - pure cotton sheet with skin care ingredients (Witch Hazel, Sage Leaf and Strawberry Milk Scent) to melt the sebum and blackheads
    2) Second Sheet - for extracting blackhead. This is a strong adhesive nose pack to remove blackheads and dead skin cells
    3) Third Sheet - this is a smoothing nose pack with Aloe Vera and Green Tea Extracts to tighten pores and refresh your skin


    How to Use


    1. After facial wash, take the first sheet (pure cotton sheet), and adhere to the nose densely.
    2. Moistens around the nose, take off the transparent film of second sheet (nose pack) with dry hands. And stick to the nose densely. Then slowly take it off 10-15 min after it become perfectly dry.
    3. Take off the shite film of the second sheet (Bio Cellulose Sheet). adhere to the nose which has removed the black head, after 5-10 min, take if off, patting to absorb the remaining essence.